Displacement 125 CC
Max Torque 14.000 RPM

The new model DJT has been created for the most binding National and International challenges and belongs to the second generation of engines intended for the OK category: this model has the same important technical and sporting features of its winning forerunner, the DDj, developing every single detail. This project, totally new, involved the technical division of Vortex towards the achievement of three important targets: lightness, reduced dimensions, lowering of the center of gravity and a refined research in materials and in the weight and cargo distribution. To obtain these results, the crankcase has been redesigned together with fundamental components such as, crankshaft, balance shaft and connecting rod


The DJT, like the DST, has been completely redesigned by the engineers and technicians of the Vortex Factory; it is also equipped with a lighter, stiffer and more compact crankcase, machined by CNC. It is provided with new important technical parts, such as crankshaft, balance shaft and connecting rod, designed according to the new concepts leading to the creation of this modern generation of engines for OKJ and OK.

The results allowed reach an important upgrade in performances, combined with a particularly reduced weight and an even lower center of gravity. The DJT will also be equipped with homologated components, fixed by the current international regulation: 20mm carburettor, exhaust and ignition system limited to 14,000 RPM.

Displacement 125CC
Engine 2 stroke
Cooling System water cooled with external pump
Main Bearings Roller bearings
Bore and stroke 54x54 mm (square)
Maximum Engine Speed 14.000 Rpm with rev limiter
Ignition Digital with fixed spark advance (PVL supply)
  • Cylinder with fully machined cast iron liner (dry liner)
  • Number of cylinder/crankase transfer: 5/3
  • Crankase reed valve intake
  • Fully machined intake section and transfers
  • connecting rod center to center distance: 102 mm