Mini MCX

Displacement 60 CC
Max Torque 14.000 RPM

Piston Port engine 60 cc single-cynlinder, 2 transfers, CIK-FIA homologated for the Minikart class. Crankcase, cylinder and head design totally renewed; optimized air flow; better ease of use. Inlet and exhaust ports completely CNC worked. Equipped with eletrical starter, it has a rev limiter at 14.000 rpm The Vortex New Mini 60 cc MCX is supplied complete with DellOrto PHBG 18 mm diameter carburetor; Dell'Orto 11023 fuel pump; PVL 660 ignition (homologation number 036-IG-15); intake silencer; homologated exhaust; battery support; wiring; spark plug; coil and spark caps.

Displacement 60CC
Engine 2 stroke
Cooling SystemAir-cooled system
Bearings Roller bearing
Bore and stroke 42x43mm
Max Torque 14.000 Rpm limited
IgnitionPVL 660 n° omologa 036-IG-15
CarburettorDell’Orto PHBG Ø18 mm
  • Piston Port
  • 2 transfer ducts intake
  • Integrated electrical starter
  • Centrifugal dry-clutch
  • Mixture-lubricated
  • Cast iron made cylinder CNC worked